Ann Allard

Taking a leadership role in advocating with your doctor/healthcare provider to get the best health outcomes for you and your family.

    •  Being prepared for medical emergency so when and if it happens you can be there for your family, your work and your life.
    • Learning the power of advocating for better healthcare for you and your family.
    • Manage your emotions and concerns to get the answers you need.

    I feel very passionately that quality healthcare which provides balanced information and supports patients in the decision making process is a right. The reality today is that sometimes the care that is supposed to help winds up hurting instead.

     I work with clients as a Family Healthcare Advocate (Friend of Family) providing one-on-one service to clients who are faced with navigating healthcare for themselves or family member; helping support their role in the healthcare they receive from Providers. My clients are often overwhelmed with all the information provided, it is generally an emotional time, and clients fear that they are responsible for making the best decisions for themselves and their loved one. I provide my customized services through phone calls to discuss concerns and problems, as well offering face-to-face sessions to provide advocacy services.

    The other focus of my work is as a Healthcare Advocacy Consultant providing presentations/group discussions/training to clinics, physician practices and other healthcare organizations to help motivate their clinicians and staff to experience more engaged/effective communication with patients to reduce staff and patient dissatisfaction, improve work moral and avoid burn-out.

    I have over 25 years of experience in healthcare primarily as an administrator.  However, I have been on both sides of the healthcare service experience; as an administrator for Clinicians advocating for their needs in the workplace and providing quality care for patients; as well as actively advocating for both my parents, family members, and friends and clients during the last 3 years at medical appointments, ER/Urgent Care visits, lengthy hospital stays, and after hospital care.

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