Dolores Hirschmann

Bold Actions: the turns you take for the life you dream.

    • Connecting with your inner leader
    • Giving yourself permission to dream BIG
    • Breaking down the dream into turns you take in your journey (BOLD ACTIONS)
    •  Taking action ­ a word or two on commitment and accountability

    Coach, Entrepreneur and highly creative and dynamic marketing and communications specialist. As a team coach I specialize in start up team development, leadership development and creativity workshops.

    I work with coaches, leaders, CEO’s and highly successful individuals helping them find their new normal, their next phase of growth as well as help them harvest their stories and find the right stages to communicate their message.

    I have worked in the education, environmental, apparel and technology (M2M & connected devices, social media and online marketing) industries.

    My first novel, New Beginnings was published in April 2014.

    I am a public speaker in topics such as: – Creativity & Entrepreneurship – Finding your story and crafting your marketing strategy from a place of  purpose – Overcoming obstacles – Bold Actions: the turns you take for the life you dream.

    Specialties: Coaching – Start Ups – Digital Marketing – Communications – Public Speaking – Writing – Project Management – PR – Online Education – Fluent in Spanish – English and French

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    1. A DRIVER: Who is at the steering wheel? Is it YOUR INNER LEADER or someone else?
    2. A MOTOR: What makes the car work? What are the VALUES that bring forth your best self?
    3. A DESTINATION: Where are you going? What are your GOALS for the next 90 days, 2 years?
    4. A WHY: Why are you in this journey? What is your PURPOSE?
    5. FUEL: What type of fuel does your car need? Are your beliefs and mindset supporting your journey?
  • Dolores Hirschmann

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