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Leading from Context: How to BE the Leader Others Will Follow

    • Do you wish leading was easier?
    • Would you like to know when you are leading others will follow?
    • Do you realize leadership is a skill you learn and develop?

    Frank Tritini, is the CEO of Eye Star Consultants. Eye Star is committed to developing effective leaders and high-performing teams for rapid-growth companies, so they can achieve their strategic growth goals, and realize the results they are striving for, in less time and with less impact of the traditional growing pains in a company’s expansion process. 

    As a leadership performance consultant who specializes in identifying, developing and empowering greatness, so the organization realizes their desired results, through effective  leadership development, and high-performance teams, Frank is deeply committed to maximizing human potential.  He is a graduate of CMED, holds three black belts in three different styles of martial arts, is a leader in several men’s personal development organizations, a charter member of the Foundation to Save the Jersey Shore, and is described repeatedly for having a “huge heart”. In addition, Frank is the father of five boys between the ages of 1 and 20. He currently lives with his wife and children in Jackson, New Jersey. 

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