Heather Hansen

Excel with Global English!

  • Do you want to reach a larger audience, work with an international team or make an even bigger, *global* impact? Is your lack of confidence speaking English holding you back? Whether you’re a leader in an international company, or you dream of going global with your own company, you need to feel comfortable and confident speaking English on a daily basis. This session will show you how.

    Speak English with greater clarity and confidence after you learn:

    • Heather’s 4-step Mindset Makeover System so you can *think* like a confident communicator
    • The one simple question to ask yourself so you can overcome your fears and speak up successfully
    • 3 speaking secrets to ensure you are understood by everyone, everywhere, every time

    Heather Hansen is a Clear Speech Specialist focused on Global English communication. She helps top professionals speak clearly and confidently in English so they can avoid embarrassing misunderstandings, get the respect they deserve and share their gifts and talents with a larger, international audience.   She is author of the book Powerful People Skills which is available in 6 countries and has been translated to Brazilian Portuguese. She has also contributed to three other books.

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