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Authentic Leadership for Greater Impact and Connection

    • Understand the importance of leader self-esteem
    • Gain tools for creating greater trust and connection in your personal and professional relationships
    •  Elevate your impact by leading from your most authentic Self

    Hilary Silver, MSW, LCSW is a relationship expert, and is owner of Silver Therapy & Coaching, Inc., a premier personal transformation and relationship practice in Denver, Colorado.

    Hilary believes our lives revolve around “relationship,” even if we don’t always think about it that way. We have relationships with our loved ones, friends and colleagues but also with our bodies, money, food and our Self. Hilary empowers motivated men and women to speak their truth and live intentionally so these important relationships can be healthy, fulfilling and authentic. She helps leaders embrace vulnerability so they can courageously bring their true selves into the relationships they have with clients and employees; which promotes loyalty, security and trust.

    She sees individuals, couples and helping professionals locally in her office or via phone or Skype internationally.

    Hilary has extensive training in numerous therapeutic modalities, but it is her rich personal experiences that allow her to connect and create results with her clients. In practice for over 11 years, Hilary is best known for her style and quality of relationships with her clients.

    “Working with Hilary is like having a highly- trained and educated professional disguised as the friend you want.”    Anonymous

    Hilary is a wife to her partner of 14 years and mother of two young children. She will be launching her first self-study E-Course later this year, Weight Loss Transformation System; 7 Steps to End Emotional Eating, which guides people toward a healthier relationship with self and with food.

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