John Rasiej

The Importance Of Creating Distinction For True Leadership – 4 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

    • The reasons that creating distinction in business is imperative to your growth and even survival
    • Three areas you may hope differentiate you but really don’t
    • The four essential elements to create and then deliver distinction

    John Rasiej understands how valuable and rewarding it is to find ways to stand out from the crowd.  Frustrated in the midst of a non-descript job in Government, John studied professionally as an actor to insert more creativity into his day-to-day life.  After acting in plays during his spare time and even filming a commercial shown in Japan, he began directing plays and helping other actors stand out even more.  Years later, having retired from his Government position, he recognized that his directing experience could help business leaders and entrepreneurs struggling to stand out with their businesses and when making presentations.  John came out of retirement and created Speak Louder Than Words to help them become more powerful and successful.  After all, business is an art and the art of communicating well is essential.

    Speak Louder Than Words helps business leaders create, develop and deliver distinction.  Working with John they begin to stand out in more powerful ways by conveying their value, their compelling story and the unique benefits they offer.  John’s clients have succeeded in stepping into a higher plane of success and recognition, attracting more customers and boosting profits.

    John has published two books: “Speaking Leadership: 22 Essential Secrets to Make Speeches Succeed” and “Speak Louder Than Words: Five Ways You Can Change Lives and Boost Your Bottom Line Through Great Public Speaking.”  He is also a contributing author to the book “Ready, Aim, Influence.”  John’s work has also been featured at and in SmartCEO Magazine.  He has spoken to groups of up to 900 people in cities around the United States and in Italy.

    He resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife of 23 years, and still directs plays inside the oldest movie theatre in the U.S.

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