Marie-Claire Hermans

Energy For Successful Professionals: how to generate and sustain the energy you need to be a successful leader.

    • Understand your body’s systems and how you “support” them
    • Discover 2 strategies to easily maximize your energy
    • Learn how to own your lifestyle, how to master your health

    Marie-Claire Hermans is the living proof of what raw food can do when you take charge of your health. She outsmarted doctors who said she would never heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by finding the cure: pure food and well-strategized stress- and self-management.

    She is now an Energy Coach For Experts, author and speaker, raising her voice, empowering and inspiring the world with her bold mission statement: every-body healthy! With her history and expertise as an entrepreneur and manager, she is passionate about coaching successful professionals who are struggling with fatigue, overweight and burn out: health issues that keep their brilliance and happiness under their potentials. She helps them to power up their body and generate evenly sustained energy that makes them feel alive, confident and focused.

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