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Reputation, Expectation and Trust – the key factors for leadership.

    • What your customers and stakeholders are buying today is the expectations created by you, your reputation and your potential. This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and your history.
    • Your reputation as a leader strongly affects the market value of the company. As a leader, do you know your reputation and the expectation that it creates.
    • Your reputation is your most valuable and highest valued asset. Are you aware of what yours look like?

    Per Frykman’s professional reputation in brief based on responses from 14 clients.

     Considered a pioneer in his field, Per takes your professional reputation to a new dimension and challenges you to stand out as unique

    Per is dedicated, and he passionately leads the development of Your Professional Reputation. He is in the absolute front line, sees new cutting edge perspectives, and his articles and books are groundbreaking. Per is a curious entrepreneur who works with a quality standard and passion that is outstanding – his ambition inspires more than usual. He inspires trust with his profound expertise in the area, and with his humility he challenges you to fully use your professional potential. He creates winners that dare to stand out as unique

     What you can expect from me:

    I want to challenge you to take your professional reputation to a new dimension and stand out as unique. My ambition for you as an entrepreneur or consultant is to help you promote the things that are  crucial today to attract new exciting and profitable customers. For you as a leader I want to bring out your unique qualities, the things that already work for you – to be inspirational, attracting customers, investors and new talents. I want  to bring everyone to the next level by making them understand the exceptional power of your professional reputation.

     Per has contributed to the success of leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants in different lines of business. He has supported more than 900 people in companies such as SAS, Volvo, Nordea and Ericsson, as well as firms of consultants in five different countries. Your Professional Reputation is represented in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK.

     Per is the author of three books and numerous articles in Swedish and international press.

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