Peter Lövgren

Advance as a Leader Through Likeable Mentorship

    • The 4 dimensions you need to balance as a successful leader
    • The 10 qualities of likeable leaders
    • How to set you up for success through a likeable mentoring approach

    Peter Lövgren has more than 25 years of experience as a senior leader, CEO, management consultant and trusted mentor among peers. His professional tagline analyzed by a 3rd party is: “An inspiring and humble leader with strategic force, business focus and operational strength of delivering results.”

    His professional reputation in brief:

    “Peter is a committed and inspirational leader who makes a difference and drive change with power and endurance. He is a powerful and always well-informed person who is proud to deliver results. Peter inspires great confidence, encourages its employees and delivers what he promises. ”He has a strategic force with an ability to “see around the corner” and a business acumen which he challenges their own structures to meet customer needs. Peter is calm, bright and is a sensitive person with authority, prestige and a clear business focus.

    Peter inspires and ensures the economic, commercial and corporate cultural reality. He has a unique ability to analyze the complex issues and sees the business development. He is driven to create win-win situations by linking their analytical skills for strategic thinking and operational strength. Peter has great leadership experience, is clear, very loyal to the mission and possesses a great follow-through. He has a very good profile as a high level advisor of operational interest.”

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