Rebekah Marler

The power of the “AND”:  How one word can change a leader’s life

  • During the session, we will explore 2 case studies that illustrate the tools leaders are using to create the results they want for themselves and their organizations.

    •          Do you ever lose energy navigating interpersonal conflicts with people?
    •          Have you ever struggled to get people to be driven by the higher purpose and bigger picture of your organization’s work?
    •          Would you like to spend more time focusing on your mission than solving problems?

     If any of these questions resonate with you then you won’t want to miss the Power of the AND because we will demonstrate a powerful tool that can drive your ability to have everything you currently dream about become your daily reality.

    Rebekah Marler is the founder of Metamorphosis Leadership Systems, a professional services firm that helps talented executives in the non-profit sector create sustainable systems for ongoing improvement. Rebekah began her study of leadership as an artist and a preschool teacher. After graduating from Harvard and helping to found a school in Brooklyn, she was recruited to be a member of the inaugural cohort of the New York City Leadership Academy. As one of New York City’s youngest principals, she led turn around efforts in her East Harlem school that eventually won the recognition of leaders like General Colin Powell and landed her on Larry King Live. Rebekah’s likelihood of success at the outset of her leadership journey was nearly impossible by all accounts, but through it she learned that it is always the leader’s commitment to personal growth and development that enables them to successfully create results for their organizations. She is passionate about helping passionate leaders change the world through her work as a strategic interventionist coach, and consulting and organizational design for high impact change.

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    Each participant will receive a free coaching session to identify the highest priority needs they are facing individually or organizationally and identify the tensions, or polarities therein. The goal of the session is to develop three action steps they can take immediately to apply the “Power of the And”. Rebekah is licensed to administer the framework she will utilize for the session known as the Polarity Assessment for Continuity and Transformation™ or P.A.C.T. ™  

  • Rebekah Marler

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