Yehudit Benmenachem

Manage Your Emotions and Achieve Your Goals

    • Do you have goals that you want to achieve but find yourself feeling low and in a negative mood?
    • Do you want to manage your emotions instead of your emotions managing you?
    • Do you want to know how to put yourself in a positive emotional state so that you can be the leader that you dream of?

    Discover *why* it is so important to be able to manage your emotions and and learn* techniques* that will help you manage your emotional state!

    Yehudit Benmenachem, MSW, certified Life Coach, ADHD Coach, N.L.P. practitioner, and Strategic Interventionist, is the mother of 8 boys, living in Israel. She has taken years of professional experience, personal life experience and incorporated some of the most effective tools around to create “The Parent Teen Relationship Transformation Program”, a 5 step system for parents interested in transforming their relationship with their teens.        

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